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This is a fun, free site for meeting hot single ladies.

I used to be one of those guys that paid for a membership at the major dating sites. I was on the hook for $40-$50 per month, but I wasn't getting the kind of action I was hoping for. Meeting attractive women wasn't difficult, but the dating process was a major pain. I'd take them out somewhere nice to eat, maybe go see a movie or something boring like that, and then I'd take them home. I would walk them to their door, hoping that they would invite me in, but I would just get a hug and be left standing there all by myself.

This got really annoying after a while. I was spending hard-earned money on dates to nowhere. Ultimately, I wanted to hookup, but none of these women would put out!

So I cancelled those dumb memberships and looked for something better. Swipe Hook Up caught my eye because it was free and the community seemed more about having fun. I'm definitely not looking for a long-term relationship, and this site certainly caters to people like me.
I found girls near me quickly and was able to chat with them via instant messenger. This feature rocks! It makes it really easy to discover if you have chemistry with someone. I also really dig the desktop app. I'm not always at my computer, so I'm glad I can respond to messages and checkout profiles from my phone.

If you're tired of paying for those outdated dating sites, you should give this one a shot. I've hooked up with several girls already and use it every day!

Reviewed by Tyler, 10 days ago

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i know its bad to cheat but why is it so fun?!


i ask myself the same question every weekend lol


Monogamy is overrated! We should hangout...