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Wow honestly, what can I say about that the website doesn't say for itself?

First off, their entire members area is absolutely free. I couldn't believe this when I joined - since they have close to ten thousand active members and because almost every other hookup site requires some kind of payment before you ever get laid. Well, not this one!

Shortly after signing up and confirming my age, I was searching for girls by MY requirements. Yes, you can actually meet girls by height, age, location, marriage status, and a whole lot more! Is one of these chicks too short? Too fat? Too young? Well, guess what you can filter them out and they disappear like magic!

Secondly, I want to point out that the HD webcam chats they promote are 100% LEGIT! Every single online bootycall I've made here has been crystal clear, and in high definition! It almost feels like I'm watching these hot chicks on television or something! It really did trip me out at first, but after four or five webchats, it definitely has become a standard. There's no real way for me to describe it you'll just have to see what I mean for yourself. Obviously I've been shot down more than once and don't have a 100% success rate using this site - cause I don't look like George Clooney. But I definitely haven't come up empty handed.

Reviewed by Steve, 8 days ago

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save your sites are all ya need!


good review, brotha. You nailed it.


Signed up today, just don't tell my GF lol