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This is definitely the site I've been looking for: it's easy to use and packed full of features.

I broke up with my boyfriend recently because he was a little too controlling. He didn't like it when I'd go out with my girlfriends to a bar or club and have a good time. He would constantly be texting and calling me like a jealous little boy. I dumped him so I could just live my life and have fun! Now I'm interested in keeping things fun and easy. I think one-night-stands are really hot and I was totally interested in having a Friend with Benefits, just a nice guy to hang out and play with ;) I signed up for a few dating sites but most of them were boring and not what I wanted. Then I stumbled upon Local Hookup and found exactly what I was looking for!

There are so many cute guys on here! The site layout is perfect and looks really cool. It's super easy to flirt with the instant messenger and webcam chat, I'm usually online for hours! Being able to make photos private is really hot, since I can hide some of my really naughty pics and send a passcode to just a few guys I like ;)

All in all, this is the best casual dating site I've used and I've already hung out with a few cuties I met on here. I haven't been disappointed at all, totally satisfied by my experience so far. This site is perfect for me since I can have all the benefits of a relationship without being dragged down by one!

Reviewed by Samantha, 3 days ago

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hey sexy! maybe i'll see you in there!


r the chicks real tho?


@Racing24: I'm real, honey :)