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As a recently divorced mother of one, I needed something discreet and casual. This site is perfect!
Ok, so here's the deal: I don't want to be in a relationship!!! I'm really busy during the week with my kid, so I don't have time for some complicated, time-consuming relationship that's just going to zap all my energy.

However, the weekends are a different story. My ex-husband normally picks her up from school on Friday and has her the entire weekend. That means I get to enjoy some alone time! I'll go to yoga, get a manicure, and go shopping, but I tend to get a little lonely at night in the house by myself. I'm definitely at my sexual peak and looking to have some fun between the sheets!

I was a little cautious about signing up to a site like Milf Affair, but it's honestly the best thing to happen to me in a while. All I had to do was create a simple profile, upload a few selfies, and I was ready to go! There are thousands of sexy men to chat with and I love flirting with them. It makes me feel like I'm in high school again lol!

Ultimately, I'm just looking to have some fun on the weekends, and the guys I meet all understand that. There are no expectations for a relationship and I like it that way. If you're like me and have a bit of a naughty side, you will totally enjoy a free membership at Milf Affair!

Reviewed by Kelly, 14 days ago

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No way, she's mine lol! You okay with sloppy seconds?


BOYS, calm down, there are plenty of milfs for everyone hahaha!