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I think the name says it all: this is the social network for hooking up!

To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect when I first joined this site. I've seen their ads on my favorite adult sites, but I have very little game and kinda felt intimidated. I've always been a little shy around the ladies, so I didn't really know how this experiment would work out. I decided to take the plunge anyway.

The sign up process is FREE and easy. Just answer a few questions, enter your stats, and indicate what kind of relationship you're looking for. I'm only interested in something that's no-strings-attached at the moment, so I checked the box and made my way into the members area. To obtain all of the features, they ask to verify your age with a valid credit card. It's a FREE process, so I simply entered in my info and received access to all the features. The thing I like best about this site is the way they tailor it to their members. All I had to do was enter my location and I found TONS of hot chicks right near me. I didn't have to go on a crazy hunt to find the right women, they brought them right to my homepage.
When you verify your age, you get access to premium features like HD Webcam Chat, Instant Messaging, and emails. I used all three of them and I'm telling you: they're vital for hooking up.

The first day, I sent an email to this cute blonde. She was online and a notification popped up that she viewed my profile. All of a sudden, I received an instant message from her. I was totally pumped! We started chatting for a bit about normal things, like where we live and stuff, but then it got hot and heavy. We both turned on our webcams and it was a completely mind-blowing experience. The next day, she invited me over to her place, and let's just say we see each other often now...

This site is amazing! It's free, easy to use, and can even get nerds like me laid. Definitely check it out!

Reviewed by Chad, a week ago

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great review, gonna check it out!


just signed up today...tons of tail...gonna get some lol!


lol @T_Rexy! Sounds AWESOME, I'm getting started right now